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    July 2020

    Added new Payment Method endpoint.

    June 2020

    Added new "FulfillmentReturn Received", and "Invoice Destroy" webhooks.

    Added new component_id array filter for Composition index endpoint.

    April 2020

    Added new "PurchaseOrder Received" webhook.

    Feb 2020 - Composition API Release

    In order to provide a simpler way to fetch packsize and bundle decomposition information, we've exposed a brand new API.

    Apr 2019 - Pagination Cleanup & Line Item Filters

    In order to provide a great experience to all our API users we've made some changes to our pagination. The default page size is now 50 items (down from 100), with a max page size up to 250.

    The max page size for new integrations has been 250 for several years, but we have a few grandfathered integrations that supported a page size of up to 999. Over the next few weeks we will be contacting and migrating everyone to a 250 item max.

    Added a Webhooks section to the documentation.

    OrderLineItem and PurchaseOrderLineItem index endpoints now support an order_status and purchase_order_status filter respectively.

    Oct 2018 - Enable Sideloading, Add Webhooks and Resource Actions

    We now support sideloading of resources. We have also added support for webhooks and introduced resource actions for Order, Purchase Order, Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfer.

    Nov 2017 - Image management moved from Variant to the Product Level

    We have moved image management from the variant level to the product level. This allows the same product image to be shared between multiple variants of a product. All of the changes are backwards compatible.

    The related changes to the APIs are:

    • Added: Product#image_ids.
    • Added: Image#product_id.
    • Added: Image#variant_ids.
    • Deprecated: Image#variant_id now returns the image's first variant.

    API Deprecations

    There are a few edge cases of the API that we will be removing as we hit 1.0. We will endeavour to only remove APIs that have been deprecated for at least 12 months in the v1.0 release.

    Nov 2017 - Image IDs

    Image#variant_id has been replaced with Image#variant_ids and Image#product_id now that an image can belong to multiple variants.

    Jan 2016 - Pagination Limits

    Default pagination is 50 and the maximum will be set as 250 items. We will begin returning a 400 Bad Request on larger requests.

    Previously we hadn't been enforcing our API pagination limits, very soon we will start to do so as to make sure all our customers receive a great experience.

    Jan 2016 - Purchase Order

    Initial Updated
    tax_type tax_treatment
    default_price_type_id default_price_list_id
    cached_total total

    Jan 2016 - Purchase Order Line Item

    Initial Updated
    tax_rate tax_rate_override

    This has been renamed to denote it's actual nature -> you should technically use tax_type_id, but if for some reason you want to override it with a specific value, you can use this.

    Jan 2016 - Order

    Initial Updated
    due_at ship_at
    url source_url
    tax_type tax_treatment
    default_price_type_id default_price_list_id

    Tax Type has been renamed to tax_treatment (inclusive vs exclusive) as tax_type now represents an object with multiple tax_components.

    Jan 2016 - Order Line Item

    Initial Updated
    tax_rate tax_rate_override

    Jan 2016 - Contact

    Initial Updated
    phone phone_number

    Jan 2016 - Company

    Initial Updated
    default_price_type_id default_price_list_id
    default_tax_rate default_tax_type_id (1)

    1 - Tax rate has been deprecated site wide in preference of tax_type_id, as this allows multiple tax lines.

    Jan 2016 - Account

    Initial Updated
    default_tax_type default_tax_treatment
    default_tax_type_id default_sales_order_tax_type_id
    default_order_price_type_id default_order_price_list_id
    default_purchase_order_price_type_id default_purchase_order_price_list_id
    logo_url N/A (1)

    1 - Accounts no longer have logos.

    Jan 2016 - Users

    Initial Updated
    mobile_phone mobile

    Jan 2016 - Product

    Initial Updated
    vendor supplier_id
    supplier supplier_id

    Vendor was deprecated for supplier, then supplier was deprecated in order to enable multiple suppliers per variant (not yet released). Previously, vendor and supplier were just names and stored as strings, now they reference a company within your TradeGecko system.

    Jan 2016 - Variants

    Initial Updated
    is_online N/A (1)
    prices variant_prices (2)
    stock_levels locations (3)
    committed_stock_levels locations (3)

    1 - With the addition of multiple sales channels, is_online became restrictive. A variant may be online on Shopify, but not Amazon.

    Old format
    prices: {
      2: "200.0",
      3: "150.0",
      4: "100.0"
    New format
    variant_prices: [
        price_list_id: "2",
        value: "200.0"
        price_list_id: "3",
        value: "4.0"
        price_list_id: "buy",
        value: "100.0"

    2 - Prices has not just been renamed, the syntax is updated to be more in line with other embedded objects in our API.

    Old format
    stock_levels: {
      1: 5
    committed_stock_levels: {
      1: 2
    New format
    locations: [
        location_id: 1,
        stock_on_hand: "5",
        committed: 2,
        incoming: null,
        bin_location: null,
        reorder_point: null

    3 - This is the same deal as prices, the locations hash has replaced stock_levels and committed_stock_levels hashes.

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